Whether biker, hiker, culture buff, train lover, golfer or family – the Lenzerheide holiday region invites active people and enthusiasts of all kinds to enjoy an easy-going summer holiday and perfect relaxation. The sun-kissed high valley in the heart of Graubünden will surprise you with a wide range of activities on offer. Discover mountain tops with great views, fragrant Alpine meadows, a variety of bike trails and the crystal-clear Heidsee lake.

Cosy and rustic huts, a great number of BBQ areas and the numerous village restaurants invite you to stay. Switzerland’s only Globi hiking trail, or the lido bathing area and water sports centre on the Heidsee lake are only a few of the attractions that make a summer holiday here to an unforgettable family experience.

Immerse yourself in the pristine nature of the mountains of Graubünden. (Source: arosalenzerheide.suisse)