Lens Magazine – Travel

In this beautiful 2022 First Issue, dedicated to “Travel Photography”, fantastic unique projects in all fields and aspects made by internationally acclaimed photographers from around the globe were featured.
After a long period in which the world had restrictions to traveling, now, at last, we all feel the borders are reopening and allowing for the creation of spectacular projects.

Magnificent photographer, Ami Vitale, exhibiting the touching story of ‘Rhino named Sudan,’ Mark Edward Harris features his beautiful project from his latest travel to Antarctica, “The Seventh Continent.” José Jeuland exhibits his work from ‘The Blue City Jodhpur.’ Syrian photographer Hasan Ibrahim Belal focuses on ‘Syrian Thoughts on public transportations’ and the nightlife in Syria; Aga Szydlik features a unique B&W project focusing on ‘The Last of the Incas | Q’ero Nation.’
More you will find magnificent projects by extraordinary photographers from around the globe.
May we all have an inspiring creative year,

Featured Photographers:
Ami Vitale | Mark Edward Harris | José Jeuland | Hasan Ibrahim Belal | Aga Szydlik | Joe Buergi | María Tudela Bermudez | Behnam Khoshbaten | Jens Vange | Pygmalion Karatzas | Maria Rosenblatt | Cody Albert.

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