From Saint-Raphaël to Théoule-sur-Mer in the Alpes-Maritimes, the Corniche d’Or coastal road holds magnificent viewpoints of the red porphyry cliffs of the Estérel massif, but also of the red islands and cliffs in the sea. This magical site offers magnificent colors ranging from the turquoise blue of the sea to the red of the cliff, through the green of the maquis (dense Mediterranean shrubland) and the pines. To enjoy a panoramic view, there’s nothing like a beautiful stroll on the footpath leading to the Ours peak. At 492 meters in height, this place offers an amazing panoramic view of the Mediterranean coast. A perfect place for biking, hiking and enjoying nature. The best place to stay and discover the Esterel mountains is Agay, a small coastal village. From there it is an easy 15 minutes bike ride to the trailheads.